Fresh, free air…..

Just celebrated the 7 year anniversary of my release from Valley State Prison!
Wow, so much has happened…God has truly ordered my steps!
I fasted on Saturday, in thanksgiving. Wrote 4 pages of gratitude lists.
Proclaimed scriptures of thanksgiving and praise!!
My life is no longer anything like it was before. I am a new creation. I can take credit for none of it.
Since I first surrendered to God, in that super max cell, I have been changed. It is called sanctification.
I have a new mind set developed by the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit,
The Word of God and the tools I learned in A.A. Way cool!
So here I sit, in the middle of the night. Caregiving, being self supporting….Damn, gone all the
hundreds of thousands of dollars, the awesome cars and my youth but today I know peace. I have 0 court cases and the joy of the Lord is my strength. And you know what, I’m still kicking ass and taking names­čî×