Fresh, free air…..

Just celebrated the 7 year anniversary of my release from Valley State Prison!
Wow, so much has happened…God has truly ordered my steps!
I fasted on Saturday, in thanksgiving. Wrote 4 pages of gratitude lists.
Proclaimed scriptures of thanksgiving and praise!!
My life is no longer anything like it was before. I am a new creation. I can take credit for none of it.
Since I first surrendered to God, in that super max cell, I have been changed. It is called sanctification.
I have a new mind set developed by the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit,
The Word of God and the tools I learned in A.A. Way cool!
So here I sit, in the middle of the night. Caregiving, being self supporting….Damn, gone all the
hundreds of thousands of dollars, the awesome cars and my youth but today I know peace. I have 0 court cases and the joy of the Lord is my strength. And you know what, I’m still kicking ass and taking names🌞


Peace, in spite of….

Today, I know the peace of the Lord. Above all circumstance,  I have peace. No need to spin my wheels. The joy of the Lord is my strength. In this world, which I am not from, there is time and money and all manner of distraction. Today, I walk above. Really, I have no choice. The Lord has put his blessed peace on me today and I can look away from this race that is my life, at least , for today.

A New Start!

Wow, a new year and a renewed effort to blog! How will my book ever come about if I don’t stretch my writing muscles, right!
I really thought by now I would be remarried or at least being wooed by some international, jet setting home boy. My books written and well received, and especially my ministry flourishing. But I’m cool, coming up on 8 yrs clean and sober. I have been going to the rescue mission and speaking on the miracle that is my life and laying hands on those who need prayer. I pray with homeless folks all over town and help with what I can.  How cool is that! Big shot of gratitude! I am working and being of service for the elderly and am self supporting through my own contributions.  Wow, I have come a ways on this joyful journey and God has provided abundantly!  Cool beans right! K so there’s the heads up.  I have stopped w the prison speak in my writing – somewhat, or just not rocking as much Tupac. Back to living in Santa Barbara and being a middle aged, white  lady and leaving my OG life behind. So many high adrenaline, unbelievable daze behind me and my Awesome Joyful Journey ahead…Stay tuned…..

Easter…HE IS RISEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What an awesome Easter, I woke up to the sound of spring rain. It was so nice to be in my warm bed but I had already slept a little late so I had my tea and read “My Daily Bread” and “Faith to Faith” I got prayed up and dolled up for church. It’s still weird being alone ( Louis dead more than 10 years) and my other family too.
 Looking at outfits in my closet I had worn for Easter and alot I never got a chance to wear. I shall start my wardrobe anew this spring! The old stuff has to go and I will then have room for new clothes as soon as I get some dough, right! It’s Nordi’s or nothing!!! Now that Gran and Louis are gone I have no one to bankroll my shopping.
The good news is I have a job and I can pay the bills.I am self supporting through my own contributions.
 Awhile back I was asked to work for a week while someone was on vacation. there I met Alicia, a women of God, who told me many stories of practical healings she had helped with. I found another aspect of healing, not of the miraculous kind. A few weeks after the job ended, the clients wife, Sophia, asked if I would be interested in going into business together. Thus was hatched !!! Our online jewelry store. I have spent a lot of time putting it together and I am believing it will be a huge success! THEN I WILL SHOP!!!!
At 53 I feel like I have a little game left but I can feel the clock ticking! There is so much I want to do. Since getting sober and coming to Christ my priorities, my outlook, my everything has changed. And believe me, It is nothing less than a miracle, this psychic change I have been given! Yes, I need some new things, that’s just a matter of course but I saw something when I was leaving “Whole Foods” the other day that made me trip. A man was begging by the exit and the lady in the convertible Mercedes looked left and right. She didn’t even look at him, for whatever reason, that used to be me!
But my heart is in a new place and today I went to MY church! Jubilee Christian Church, were I am loved and excepted for who I am not what I have. We praised God and broke bread together and it was AWESOME!!!

Starting Today!!

As God reveals himself to me through people, nature and Holy Spirit, I am going to share it with all of you! I am a huge overcomer and I am thanking God for the freedom I have in him. No longer in bondage, the world I thought all mine…divine decadence and excess served me no more. So I’m on this really cool, joyful journey w a God who love’s me and is ordering my steps. There is so much to share and with a grateful heart I shall proceed. The pride of youth replaced with a dose of humility. Ahh that’s the Bikram in me! So I am starting a new season in my life, Spring is here and I shall begin anew w my blog….

Make A Wish

Today I would like to encourage you to make a wish…

Make it a good one!!

Do you believe for it? Cool! Now tell God…wow, you just prayed!! Don’t be afraid to believe! God hears and answers your prayers!  1 john 5:15


Welcome to My World !


Good Evening !

As I struggle for something auspicious to say

I will simply open with an “Aloha Friend”

My “life blog” will be a new adventure

for both of us.….ahh Sunset…..