A New Start!

Wow, a new year and a renewed effort to blog! How will my book ever come about if I don’t stretch my writing muscles, right!
I really thought by now I would be remarried or at least being wooed by some international, jet setting home boy. My books written and well received, and especially my ministry flourishing. But I’m cool, coming up on 8 yrs clean and sober. I have been going to the rescue mission and speaking on the miracle that is my life and laying hands on those who need prayer. I pray with homeless folks all over town and help with what I can.  How cool is that! Big shot of gratitude! I am working and being of service for the elderly and am self supporting through my own contributions.  Wow, I have come a ways on this joyful journey and God has provided abundantly!  Cool beans right! K so there’s the heads up.  I have stopped w the prison speak in my writing – somewhat, or just not rocking as much Tupac. Back to living in Santa Barbara and being a middle aged, white  lady and leaving my OG life behind. So many high adrenaline, unbelievable daze behind me and my Awesome Joyful Journey ahead…Stay tuned…..